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Too Many People

8 thoughts on “ Too Many People

  1. There are way, way, way too many people in the world right now. I’d say there is at least 3 or 4 times more people than there needs to be right now and even if we wiped all those people out, there would still be too many people in the world.
  2. Some people were scheduled to be there, but like many houses of worship this week, the synagogue suspended its services to help prevent the spread of .
  3. Of course, horrible traffic would be one of the more immediate results of too many people. While infrastructure improvements would eventually help alleviate some congestion, the sheer numbers of cars filling the freeways and roads would mean that getting places would take much longer.
  4. Too Many People? provides a clear, well-documented, and popularly written refutation of the idea that "overpopulation" is a major cause of environmental destruction, arguing that a focus on human numbers not only misunderstands the causes of the crisis, it dangerously weakens .
  5. The lyrics, "Too many people preaching practices" is a direct reference to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. John thought other lines in the song were about him as well. In an interview with the October edition of Mojo magazine, McCartney said: "'Too many people preaching practices.' I felt that was true of what was going on with John.
  6. May 07,  · Basically too many smart people go into finance and law," Musk said in an interview with the comedian Joe Rogan that aired Thursday. When asked by Rogan if being a billionaire makes people .
  7. “ Too Many People ” is the opening song of Paul and Linda McCartney’s album “ Ram “. The lyrics were interpreted as targeting John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which Paul acknowledged years later. I was looking at my second solo album, Ram, the other day and I remember there was one tiny little reference to John in the whole thing.
  8. The opening song on Paul and Linda McCartney’s album Ram was a barely concealed attack on John Lennon and Yoko Ono. There were all the bits at the beginning of Ram like ‘Too many people going underground’. Well that was us, Yoko Ono and me. And ‘You took your lucky break’, that was considering we had a lucky break to be with him.

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